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Latest Registered Tutors  
Sayeda Hoque
 SubjectEnglish, History, Management
 Education LevelGraduate/Master Degree
 LocationAuckland - Auckland City
 DescriptionThe following is just the guide line for your description - I am a former school teacher and now I am teaching students' online. - I like to teach with providing rea...
 Joined27 Sep, 2016
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Ruslan Idrisov
 SubjectComputer, Maths
 Education LevelGraduate/Master Degree
 LocationWellington - Wellington City
 Description- Postgraduate degree in computer science. - 4 years of tutoring experience. - 6 years of professional development experience. - Computer graphics and game developm...
 Joined26 Sep, 2016
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Monica Monterozo
 SubjectChemistry, Biology, Maths
 Education LevelGraduate/Master Degree
 LocationAuckland - Auckland City
 DescriptionTeaching is my passion and seeing students learn from me is a big achievement for me. I am patient, cheerful and comfortable to be with. Currently, I am pursuing PhD i...
 Joined26 Sep, 2016
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Thanh Binh Hoang
 SubjectMaths, Chemistry, English
 Education LevelBachelor Degree
 LocationWellington - Wellington City
 Joined25 Sep, 2016
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Mashreka Binte Shams
 SubjectEnglish, Language
 Education LevelGraduate/Master Degree
 LocationAuckland - Auckland City
 DescriptionI have been here in New Zealand since February of this year. In the meantime I have finished doing CELTA course, international recognized certificate course for Englis...
 Joined25 Sep, 2016
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  • Looking for a New Zealand tutor What Students Say:
    "Tutorshome is a good website to find a large selection of competent tutors for a wide range of subjects. This site allowed me to find a great maths tutor quickly and get in contact with him. I recommend this site to anyone who is looking for a tutor to help them with their studies".
    ---Zane Gilbertson, studying first year Management at University of Auckland in 2005
    TUTORS WANTED from all places in NEW ZEALAND !  
    I am looking for a QuantitativeAnalysis tutor in Auckland - Auckland City. Price is Negotiable. My level is University(Year 1).
    Hi there I have just started the Quantitative Analysis course in the PGDIP Bus Admin, it is course 763 I'm keen to get some extra tutor...
     StudentHelen Watson
     Date: 26 Sep, 2016
    More Details »
    I am looking for a Economics tutor in All place of Auckland. Price is Negotiable. My level is University(Year 1).
    hi, I am doing Economic 100 level, i would like to get help with it. Thank you
     StudentWelly Sayed
     Date: 17 Sep, 2016
    More Details »
    I am looking for a Statistics tutor in All place of Auckland. Price is Negotiable. My level is University(Year 1).
    Hello, I am doing Statistics first year. Thanx
     StudentWelly Sayed
     Date: 17 Sep, 2016
    More Details »
    I am looking for a Computer tutor in Auckland - Waitakere City. Price is Negotiable. My level is University(Postgraduate).
    Seeking a tutor to assist two Uni Post Grad students with IT Assignments, focussing on Javascript and node.js. Online is probably the nes...
     Studentconan Bradley
     Date: 10 Sep, 2016
    More Details »
    I am looking for a literacy numeracy tutor in Auckland - Auckland City. Price is 40-50 dollars per hour. My level is Primary.
    Experienced primary teacher wanted for Sept/Oct school holidays. 20 hours total of work (2 hours per day or could be flexible on days inc...
     StudentImogene Tindall
     Date: 8 Sep, 2016
    More Details »
    Latest Registered Students
     Mr. DasAuckland - Auckland CityChemistry29 Sep, 2016
     Ms. SorrellAuckland - Waitakere CityEconomics29 Sep, 2016
     Mr. LingmanAuckland - Auckland CityHistory29 Sep, 2016
     Ms. mataafaAuckland - Manukau CityLanguage28 Sep, 2016
     Mr. WassonAuckland - North ShoreStatistics28 Sep, 2016
     Mr. LawsonAuckland - Auckland CityCommerce28 Sep, 2016
     Ms. GaskinAuckland - North ShoreDesign28 Sep, 2016
     Ms. GohWellington - Wellington CityJapanese27 Sep, 2016
     Ms. WatsonAuckland - Auckland CityJust started PGDIP 27 Sep, 2016
     Mr. TschuppAuckland - Auckland CityEngineering27 Sep, 2016

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